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 The project

Project Scope and Definition

Transformation through Signage aims at providing Rotary’s Four-Way Test Signs to be erected in 50 Infant, Primary and High Schools in the parish of Kingston.  Students will also be provided with bookmarkers with the same message. 

Additionally we will be planting aMa’afala variety breadfruit trees at each school.   They are different from our local trees as they start producing fruit in two years and do not grow as large.

Project Objectives

  • To inculcate positive values and attitudes in children at an early age.  We feel that by seeing and reading the message everyday and with the reinforcement of the message from their teachers we can affect a change in behaviour.
  • To provide breadfruits from the trees that will be planted, for use in the canteens and excess can be sold.  We hope that schools with Environmental Clubs or Four H- Clubs will take care of the trees.
  • To provide shade in some schools in the city where there are no trees.
  • To connect Rotarians with the schools involved , since each member of the club is scheduled for at least one visit to a school.
  • To ignite the start of new Earlyact and Interact clubs or the revive of these clubs.( secondary objective)

 Project Cost

The total cost for the Project is under $2.5 million with the activities reaching nearly 43,000 members of the school communities.


Special thanks to the members of the Rotary Club of Kingston & other Volunteers

We want to thank our Corporate Sponsors who have responded to the appeal for financial assistance and anticipate a favourable response for the others.

we salute the partnerships with  Rotary Club of Naples North, Rotary Club of  White Bear Lake  &  the Rotary Foundation

Special thank the staff of Innovative Signs and Awnings Ltd. and the printery operated by the Alpha Boy’s Home for their good works in producing the signs and Bookmarks respectively.

These trees were donated by the Trees That Feed Foundation operated by a Jamaican couple Mary and Mike McLaughlin who reside in Illinois.  They are propagated in Orlando, FL by tissue culture, shipped to Jamaica and moved to the RADA nursery at Orange River, St Mary.