Members of the Rotary Club of Kingston (RCOK) shared their hearts, love, joy and cheer with the young and elderly on Valentine’s Day by spending Friday morning at breakfast with Rev. Pusey’s Angels, the thirty-six children of the Wee Angels Basic School at the North Street United Church and thereafter, at a special lunch with Fr. Grenier’s Heart, the twenty-five residents of the Ozanam Home for the Aged.

Thanks to RCOK Rotarians, lots of Valentine cheer and joy were brought to thirty-six of “Rev. Pusey’s Angels" as they received their breakfast trays filled with many healthy goodies - milk, water, cheese sandwiches, fruit and cupcake - and naturally some Valentine lollipops!  The 'Angels' and Rotarians also engaged in a wonderful sing-a-long as well as morning prayers led by Rotarian Rev. Nigel Pusey.