RCOK Salutes our Nation Builders – Jamaica’s Journey to Freedom

Jamaica’s Journey to Freedom, a ROCK’s National project is not just an educational and informational project, but an inspirational one also. It captures in a sustained way, and hopefully for generations to come, the History of “Jamaica’s Journey to Freedom”. It is the Rotary’s way of leaving empowering and historical marks. 


The vision for this Project was to build a historical corridor that captures, in a very profound and compelling way and in a chronological sequence, the image and likeness of each National Hero, juxtaposed with their contribution to Nation building. This is one of the main reasons why both the National Pledge and National Anthem are displayed at the top entrance of the Park.
The Rotary Club of Kingston reached, through this Project, to empower Jamaicans and to give them a better perspective on what Emancipation means and should feel like. At the end of this Journey, everyone should feel the joy, the triumph and the Spirit of Emancipation.Jamaica’s Journey to Freedom is a forever reminder, symbolising Jamaica’s rich heritage, informing and educating the public, local or from overseas, about the fight of becoming an independent nation. It is a historical reminder that we stand on the shoulders of those who sacrificed and made tremendous contributions to Jamaica Land we Love and will serve to continuously educate, inform and inspire.
In order for Rotary to tell the story and for everyone to understand the triumph and the Spirit of Emancipation, the bust of each of the seven National Heroes was placed on a pedestal, to which a plaque is fixed, highlighting the major contribution of each hero, towards Jamaica’s “Journey to Freedom”.Emancipation Park, a landmark space, is now a piece of history, accessible to anyone, the living proof of what Jamaica is and stands for: “The Freedom to Hope, to Excel and the Be.”