The LWAL programme seeks to identify worthy young persons who will be invited to a regular RCOK Lunch Meeting, to interact with Rotarians and be addressed by a Leader Guest (LG) on what Leadership means to him or her.



The event will be staged one per month, commencing September 2013, and involve nine (9) participants – eight youth and one LG. The young persons will be Interactors, Rotoractors, University students, Youth Club members and any person recommended by RCOK members.

We should immediately commence the process of identifying and establishing a database of participants for September and the ensuing months.

Each participant will be introduced to the Club by a Committee member – a one-minute BIO and two-minute BIO for the Leader Guest.

Participants will be responsible for arriving and departing the meeting venue.

Each Committee member will be responsible (on a rotational basis) for the staging of the event each month. Please remember that we are executing within a time frame that will allow all the other regular agenda items including a Guest Speaker.


We will solicit firms to sponsor the lunches for the participants. The cost for each month is (9x1500) $13,500. I think we should try to target (5) firms to sponsor two (2) successive months - $27,000. PP Chris Issa’ firm has committed to sponsoring the lunches for September and October 2013. Hopefully we will need only four (4) more firms.


PP Chris Issa has volunteered to provide a Certificate of Attendance for each participant – 80 youth and 10 Leader Guests. These will be signed and presented by President Allison, Directors Joylene and Robert.


For more information contact PP Effiom at