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Rotary Year      Major Project Description 

2011/2012   Transformation through signage

2010/2011   Refurbishing Alpha Boys School: installing sports facilities and providing musical equipment

2009/2010   Refurbishing the Randolph Lopez School of Hope

2008-2009   Leadership Development. Formation of Earlyact and Leaderact Clubs

2007-2008   Phase I Bournemouth Bath is the creation of an Internet Café
and Community

2006-2007    Restoration of Bournemouth Bath Phase I including refurbishing of pool
and creation of headquarters and skills training centre for the Combined
Disabilities Association of Jamaica, Homework Centre

2005-2006    Construction of a new basic school and community centre at Dunrobin

2004-2005    Creation of a multi-purpose park at Dunrobin

2003-2004    HIV/AIDS Diagnostic equipment and public education campaign

2002-2003    Establishment of a computer lab at Elletson Primary and Infant School

1972-1973    Building of a multi-purpose hall with an office complex, staff room, store room and classroom at Holy Family Primary School

1979-1980    Establishment of a Community Centre to serve as a "House of             Reconciliation" between two hostile communities in the inner city of Kingston (Arnett Gardens and Rema)

1984-1985    For the "International Year of the Disabled" the Club ran a public education campaign, established/upgraded a number of Vocational Training Departments for the disabled, conducted an employment program for the disabled, upgraded the physical access facilities at a number of public places and produced a "Building Guidelines for the Disabled" brochure.

1987-1988    Construction and equipping of a multi-facetted medical centre at Holy Childhood High School

1988-1989    Re-equipping and refurbishing of Physics and Biology Laboratories at Kingston Technical High School

1989-1990    Building of a Communications Centre at Camperdown High School and the   development, implementation and promotion of various teaching/learning strategies

1990-1991    Creation of the Penwood Medical/Dental Centre

1991-1992    Provision of a canteen at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital

1992-1993    Improvement of facilities at the Tropical Metabolism Research Unit

1993-1994    Refurbishing and equipping the Eye Clinic at Kingston Public Hospital

1994-1995    Project REAP (Rotary Environmental Action Programme) provided skills and education to young people attending Wolmer's Boys' and Girls' Schools about environmental problems and possible solutions in urban areas

1995-1996    Expansion of the facilities and provision of equipment for the Heart Foundation of Jamaica

1996-1997    Establishment of an Asthma/Respiratory Clinic at the Bustamante Hospital for Children

1997-1998    Creation of a Educational/Skills Training Centre at Riverton Meadows

1998-1999    Installation of a computer lab and refurbishing of the canteen at St. Michael's Primary School

1970-1971    Major upgrade to facilities at the St Martin-in-the-Fields Basic School